Learn to Surf

Surf Haiti is an active non-profit in Kabik Beach located just 5 minutes down the hill from Chic Chateau.  Grab a sunset surf lesson and support this worthy group of talented youth. Surf boards and various rates available.

Sunset Boat Ride

Craving the open seas? Buy a bottle of wine from Chic Chateau and head down to the Petavi Port for an unforgettable boating experience. Friend and fisherman Ti Pedro will row you into the gorgeous aqua water on his boat. No motors involved, in keeping with Chic Chateau's eco-friendly philosophy! Just the open horizon, pink clouds and your crisp bottle of wine with snacks.

Jacmel City Art Tour

Jacmel City, 25 minute drive from Chic Chateau, is known as the cultural heart throb of Haiti. Take a professional tour of the thriving art district, where papier mache masks and famed sculpture are being prepared year round for Kanaval season. The gingerbread colonial architecture and friendly local artists are sure to charm. Visit Experience Jacmel on Facebook for more information.


Local flavors

Freshly grilled rock lobster, plaintain and spicy slaw "picklies" are available at the beach or delivered to Chic Chateau